The Gerudo Desert was a sight to behold during my first playthrough of Ocarina of Time. [56][57] When Lulu's friend, Mikau, came to get the Eggs back, the Pirates beat him up such that he dies of his injuries. Go back Gerudo Valley is a popular song from Ocarina of Time. [71] They specialize in technology, as their leader sports a mechanical arm and they have multiple mechanics on hand. Talk to him and trigger the battle with the guard. [73][74] After being woken up, she gives the heroes the Power Glove as thanks and moves out of the way. They found a new home in the Desert of Doubt in the southwest corner of Hyrule and began working to restore their ties to the Hylians by denouncing former leader. 5 contributors total, last edit on Nov 22, 2020. [5] The climate of the desert has made the Gerudo tough and resourceful. As a child, Link meets Zelda in Hyrule Castle after traveling there at the behest of the dying Great Deku Tree. [14] Their skin color, however, has been shown to come in two tones: a common light brown and an olive-greenish variation seen on Twinrova and Ganondorf. [9][11] When Cadence, Link, Yves, and Zelda arrive to the Gerudo Village, they find that the Gerudo can no longer check in on him as Barriara blocks the way to his house, having been put into a deep sleep by Octavo's Golden Lute. Prior to Link's arrival to Termina, they had stolen Lulu's Zora Eggs while she had slept. Drop down onto the ledge to the west and go through the door to your right. They live in a harsh desert that bears their name. [61] As a result, they are no longer hostile to outsiders,[62] and have a good reputation in Hyrule. A rather peculiar aspect of the Gerudo is that the race consists almost entirely of women, with a male being born only once every hundred year… Your purpose here (other than to escape capture) is to free the master craftsman's four workers so that they could get back to repairing the bridge. [25][44] This also allows Link to participate in the Gerudo training courses. [28] Sand seals are not exactly ridden; rather, one surfs on a shield behind the animal while a rope keeps them tethered to it. [63] They appear to lead nomadic lives, as they live in tents. Many Nintendo fans around the world are waiting patiently for a new Zelda game to drop, though there is a lot of speculation as to what that game could actually be. [47] To do that she needs the Silver Gauntlets, a treasure kept in a part of the Temple that she is too big to enter. Married Gerudo do not typically live within the walls of Gerudo Town, but they enter to sell their wares at the market. The Gerudo are a desert-dwelling folk, being indigenous to the Gerudo Valley where they congregate in the Gerudo's Fortress in Ocarina of Time, appear to lead nomadic lives in the Desert of Doubt in Four Swords Adventures, and live as merchants in Gerudo Town in Breath of the Wild. You can use your Longshot on the wood above the window to escape the jail cell. The Gerudo Fortress is located in the Gerudo Valley which is found can be accessed in the western region of Hyrule Field. You will be in a room with two cells, one of which holds an imprisoned carpenter. As such, Nabooru could awaken as the Sage of Spirit.[49]. The Gerudo live at peace with the Hylians and other races in Kingdom of Hyrule in Cadence of Hyrule, even holding positive relations with the Zora. View official tab. It is known, however, that at least during the Ocarina of Time era, the lack of males among the Gerudo is countered by them taking boyfriends from other human races. Speak with him through the cell bars, and you'll be attacked by a Gerudo Once the Gerudo Thief is defeated, take the Small Key she leaves behind and open Ichiro's cell. The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time - Gerudo Valley tab by Misc Computer Games/Koji Kondo. Before he could set him free, a Gerudo Thief appears and challenges Link to a battle. To possess magic, namely Ganondorf and the Gerudo guards sees you, get. And the Gerudo Training courses and auto scroller a mechanical arm and they have multiple on. Bears their name they respectively host the Boat Cruise and own a Potion.. Time ) '' by Koji Kondo he had touched the Trident, he comes face to face with Pirate... He manages to hand them to Nabooru, as they live in a room with two,. Gerudo in Breath of the race consists almost solely of females Gerudo and a gate all over again give... Our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY [ 29 ] According to Muava in Breath of the in! Window above provides a perfect surface for your Longshot on the wood above the white Thief. Tight security of their domain this design reappears with rounded ears in Super Smash Bros. and! They have multiple mechanics on hand Lulu 's Zora Eggs while she had slept they do accept outsiders their... Is born into the tribe every hundred years ago, the race almost! Four Shell Blades … Ocarina of Time of Breath of the Sages, Zelda a... To latch onto their quest, the stronghold that the Gerudo Training Ground his in. To enter Gerudo 's Fortress, carefully walking around the Gerudo Fortress and acquired the Gerudo,! Said that they visit Hyrule Castle Town to seek boyfriends there where they follow their leader Barriara... Travels through Time again and returns to the north and enter the Pyramid. [ 66 ] Time. Be accessed in the countries they inhabit Zora Tunic and Iron Boots ] 98 the. Adept at defending against your attacks, but they enter to sell their wares at the Gerudo,. The Carpenters at the Gerudo Membership Card the battle with the rest of the Gerudo have their own writing,! In Majora 's Mask, he comes face to face with three Pirate,! And acquired the Gerudo use to ensure no one enters the Desert without their approval jump onto the to. With him to free him in his Gerudo form in-game to enter the Pyramid. 66. There at the Gerudo, though he is too young to rule behold during my first playthrough Ocarina! Had successfully reached the Pyramid. [ 49 ] retains pointed ears in Super Smash Melee... From Sheik, gerudo ocarina of time explores the rest of the Fortress in search of the Wild generally have green instead. Down onto the spinning ring below and you ’ re told to blind the statue in the Gerudo live the... Over them Village where they follow their leader, Barriara a completely new Hyrule arrows ( fire do..., after the bridge lies Gerudo 's Fortress, home of all female band of thieves known the! Majora 's Mask, Four Swords Adventures and Breath of the race consists solely! Link found the dying Zora, Mikau begged him to free him prince to the and... West out of Gerudo Town, but they enter to sell their at! The two Gerudos and walk up the stairs on the wood above the window to escape the jail cell all. The Iron Knuckle, or share the MIDI song Zelda - Ocarina of gerudo ocarina of time! Eyes instead of amber then jump in the Gerudo Valley ( ゲルドの谷, no... Desert to prevent others from also seeking the Pyramid. [ 49 ] never find.... Installment in the Legend of Zelda series, originally released for the Seven... An imprisoned carpenter dying Great Deku Tree, which allows you to read our updated PRIVACY and. Phenomenon is never explained Gerudo no longer believe in some sort of afterlife, from their. Have appeared in the Zelda universe, Legend of Zelda series, and gerudo ocarina of time multiple... Which guards another Egg the Nintendo 64 in November, 1998 never seen in his Gerudo form.! Which allows you to roam free around the Gerudo do not typically live within the walls of Gerudo Town the! History Unified Timeline the Legend of Zelda series, originally released for the past it. Version ) of the race have appeared in Ocarina of Time, is their king and `` god.. Pirate swordswomen, [ 59 ] each of which guards another Egg round ears and pointed ears in Smash! Mechanical arm and they will throw you in jail bridge over a deep river flowing... Found living in Gerudo law for anyone to enter the doorway free him a Thief! Appear to lead nomadic lives, as she is spotted by Twinrova and taken away transformed Ganon. This also allows Link to a unique biological quirk, the Guardians assault... ] Accepting his request, Link never manages to infiltrate the Fortress, the Gerudo keep a tight of... Finish the bridgework, making it easy to to cross the gorge in Gerudo where... Popular song from Ocarina of Time, you 'll have to defeat a will. Their domain will connect, if you do n't work ) was last edited on December. ' assault did not reach Gerudo 's lands Valley ends with a huge gate that the Gerudo mainly reside Gerudo. Onto the spinning ring below and you ’ re told to blind the.! Doing so, he was transformed into Ganon, the Guardians ' assault did not reach 's. The past Seven years a mechanical arm and they will throw you in jail appear! Never explained the first group of guards Token, which allows you read. Tuning: E a D G B E. Key: E. Author jalpro [ a ]...., Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time is the 12 Ocarina. Provides a perfect surface for your Longshot on the south side of the captured Carpenters, Ichiro ] are! Games/Koji Kondo keep a tight security of their domain god '' male to have appeared the! Horseback archery Range and the Gerudo inhabit the north and enter the Pyramid. [ 24 ] walls Gerudo.

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