The fort stands at an altitude of 4514 feet and has witnessed several important events including the birth of Rajaram Chhatrapati, Shivaji’s son. Also, the state offers unique fort structures amidst the sea, whereas, and there is also a fort … Lohagadh Fort, Lonavala This is list of forts in Maharashtra a state of India. Rajgad Fort, Pune (Maharashtra) The hill fort of Rajgad was the capital of the Maratha capital during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. Vijaydurg Fort. Last on the list of forts in Maharashtra is the Vijaydurg Fort that is one of the two forts where the mighty Shivaji Maharaj hoisted the saffron flag himself. Every brick of it talks about the glorious history of the great Maratha rulers. Vijaydurg Fort is a protected monument and one of the top 5 marine forts in Maharashtra. Maharashtra is a land of Forts with its 350 odd forts. 4 Comments. True to its name, Maharashtra is a state with grandeur, rich cultural heritage and some great chapters of history. The western Indian state of Maharashtra is home to over 350 majestic forts, and some of them have been strategically built in the midst of the Arabian Sea, referred to as ‘Sea Forts’.Standing as a testimony to the excellent craftsmanship and the many dynasties that ruled them for centuries, discover the six picturesque sea forts in Maharashtra that are worthy of a visit. Click To Comment. Achala Fort; Agashi Fort; Ahmednagar Fort; Ahivant Fort; Ajinkyatara; Akola Fort; Akluj Fort; Alang Fort; Ambolgad; Anjaneri; Anjanvel Fort The following is a list of forts in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Daulatabad Fort is one of the rarest forts of Maharashtra that has nothing to do with Marathas. Tanay Guram says: August 21, 2015 at 2:52 PM. The Maharashtra forts have seen days of guts and glory and are tainted by the rich history left behind by the many empires that ruled over this part of India. There are forts in the state that even date back to 12th century, while some fortress in Maharashtra go back to 15th century and boasts being perched on the hilltops. Tagged as the ‘Seven Wonders of Maharashtra’, Daulatabad Fort is probably the most splendid fort of Maharashtra from the architectural aspect. Most of these forts were engaged in several battles being passed on to the Mughals from the Marathas and then often to the British. The oldest fort on the coast of Sindhudurg, the fort is known as the ‘Victory Fort’ symbolising the … On one hand, there is a rapid advancement in the state but there is also a legacy of forts for which the Maratha warriors fought battles. Here are the 18 most popular forts that’ll make you fall in love with the history of Maharashtra. 18 Best Forts In Maharashtra. Hatgad Fort (Marathi: हातगड किल्ला, Hindi: हातगड क़िला, transliteration: Hatgad Qilа̄)is a fort located 71 km (44 mi)from Nashik, Nashik district, of Maharashtra.The base village is Hatgad on the Nashik-Saputara Road. The oldest fort on the Sindhudurg coast,Vijayadurg Fort is one of the strongest marine forts in Maharashtra, Built on a hill on the mouth of Vaghotan River. Here is a list of forts in Maharashtra that will help you understand the glorious and royal history of this state in India and give you plenty of reasons to visit these fascinating hubs at once. 10. In fact, it is known for this reason that Shivaji Maharaja could never get hold of this fort. 19.

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