The text consists of selected verses of the Qur'an, Hadiths, commentary thereon, and other material. Propagating Maslak E Haq, Maslak E Ahle Sunnat. Moreover despite presence of a number of books written on FA to highlight the flaws in FA, the people responsible for reproducing and republishing it do not really want to get rid of these mistakes. By asking His Messenger (pbuh) to make du’a for one during his lifetime, and the believers asking one another to make du’aa’ for one another. Share. DEEN E HAQ The Voice Of Ahle Sunnat. [As found in various supplications taught to us by Allah and his Messenger (pbuh)]. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. virtues of the holy qur'aan. The buzurg didn’t find it abnormal nor was he afraid. When I stretched my hand to touch her, she said, ‘Hold on! Fazail E Amaal. *The words within the brackets are not mine. Yet the “virtues” of voluntary prayers are explained through these gymnastics to encourage people to perform salah. The companions of the prophet (pbuh), in spite of being so close to him, having seen and heard him so closely, were afraid to narrate ahadith from him lest they might end up making mistakes in quoting his ahadith. Read more. A handful of Married At First Sight participants applied for other reality shows in the past, raising doubts about who is genuinely looking for love. Woh sahib-e-qabr utha aur uske oont ko zabah kar diya...” (Fazail-e-Sadaqat, pg 245), Later on the camel meat was distributed, cooked and eaten by all the people in the jamat. Wouldn’t his children be happy to know their father is alive? Fazail e Amal was compiled by ShaikhulHadith Hazrath Muhammad Zakariya (Rahimahullah).He was a very high ranking Aalim and Muhaddith (Scholar of Hdith) and Musleh, who has written many books including one of the most markable commentary of Mauta Imam Malik with title of Ojazul Masalik which is Alhamdulillah in six volume, and shaikh zakaria has taught Bukhari … (See Riyaadus-Saliheen, Hadith # 1465. “Abdullah bin Dawood (RH) kahte hain ke yeh (Buzurg Hazraat)* jab koi un mein 40 saal ki umr ko pahunch jaata to woh bister uthakar lapet deta hai yani phir sone ka number khatm ho jata hai.” ( Fazaail-e-Sadaqat duwwam pg 162). (Tafsir Ibne Kathir). Ab main aap se guzarish karunga ke jis trah aapne Fazael Amal ke waqyat per apni rai ka izhar kea ussi inn waqyat pe bhi apni rai ka izhar kren…. And We have made the night as a covering, And We have made the day for livelihood.” (Al Qur'an 78:9-11). 2, no. (Al-Qur'an 4:171). SalamunAlaykum,Sister Asfiya durely it is not appropriate to call your brother from the lot of pagans. Authored by Maulana Muhammad Zakaria Kandhalwi, the book Fazail-e- Aamaal (FA) is read and followed by a vast number of Muslims for guidance in sub-continent and a few other parts of the world. We have authentic books such as the glorious Qur'an with it’s various authentic Tafaseer, the books of ahadith of the Prophet (pbuh) such as Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Riyadhu-saliheen (collection of Qur’anic verses and authentic ahadith by Imam An-Nawani in two volumes) and Bulughul Maram etc. 0 0 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 0 0 downvotes, Mark this document as not useful Embed. 2. virtues of ramadhan. He said, "Whom else?" in 24 hours there are only 1440 minutes.... if one Rakaat takes 2 minutes just with khushu wa khuzu 1000 rakat need 2000 minutes........... how is it possible sir? Even if someone argues saying these are not unknown soofia, then too books with such stories should not be promoted as these stories oppose the Sunnah of our beloved prophet (pbuh). Famous for their travels, in groups small and large, to virtually all corners of the World, the Jamat preaches a message centered around the importance of … rather for encouragement only that they read so much quran pak so at least ........we should finish recite daily to finish at least once in six month..........Are you finishing even once quran in last six month if not please start from today. 3. The book has been translated into several languages, including: Arabic, French, and Malay. 5, Hadith # 59). 9, Hadith # 476). They had nothing to eat. Did the prophet say that one should pray standing on one foot if he can’t stand on both his feet due to some problem or sickness? The book is about the different virtues and its importance in Islam. Allah says: “Allah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you.” (Al Qur'an 2:185), The Prophet (PBUH) said, "Ruined are those who insist on hardship in matters of the Faith.'' (Do you mean) the Jews and the Christians?" This person then explained to the people around him – look – if I die on Monday, then I hope to get what I’ve seen and if I don’t die on Monday then these were just imaginary thoughts. (Sahih Bukhari Vol. ?WHAT IS UR FATWA ABOUT IMAM IBN TAYYIMIA R.A??? Will people with sane mind put such a person in grave and bury him? 2 Fazail e Durood Shareef. remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said : The best of people is my … It’s my sincere appeal to all those who have taken up the task of correcting the aqaaid of those who seek waseelah of saints and awliya, to take heed that similar aqaaid are also promoted through the book Fazaail-e-Aamal. 416 Exalted Names of the Prophet; The Handsome Eyes of Our Beloved Prophet; The Beloved Prophet Cleanliness; Eleven Signs of Love for the Beloved Prophet; Beloved Prophet Knowledge of Five Secrets; Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq. The book has been claimed to be based mostly on historically suspect and non-authentic hadith traditions and anecdotes. (Sahih Bukhari, Vol. He repeated this three times. (6.103) And if anyone tells you that Muhammad (pbuh) has seen the Unseen, he is a liar, for Allah says: "None has the knowledge of the Unseen (ghaib) but Allah." This is allowed by some of the ‘ulama’, but this opinion is da’eef (weak). Isn’t this conflicting with the Qur’anic ayah and the hadith quoted above? The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) is reported to have said: “Verily Du’aa (supplication) is worship”. Who were these ashkhaas and who were these buzurg? 1. virtues of darood shareef. But when it comes to expressing our love for the Prophet (pbuh), we express it through sending blessings (Darood) on him and by following his teachings, not by glorifying him with exaggerated praises beyond the limits set by Allah and his messenger (pbuh). Could the prophet (pbuh) be more explicit than this? The younger brother happily agreed. A beautiful young woman appeared before me, I do not know whether she was more beautiful or her robes or her jewellery. In fact it is a book of evil, misguidance and confusion (fitnah). 7, hadith # 1), An Nawawi’s commentary on this hadith: This hadith deals with “moderation in worship, obligation to marry. A Fakir knew the time and place of his death, “Ek shakhs (? So, I called out to the Ameer (leader) of the army (Saaiya) that they should take the mountain. Though the adherents of the book make big claims that they are the ones who follow the Sunnah of the prophet (pbuh) in all walks of life, yet they support these tales and many tales discussed above which not only lead to Biddah but also lead to Shirk. : Never! Brother Zeeshan: Whoever you are! A young beautiful woman appeared and the same thing transpired between us, as previously. It is written especially for the benefit of those Muslim brothers and sisters who can understand Urdu language but cannot read or write it. Thereafter, the man then lifted up a pillow nearby under which lay a piece of paper which he removed. “Hazrat Abu Muhammad Jurairi (RA) ne Makkah mukarrma mein ek saal ka aetakaaf kiya jis mein na to bilkul soye na baat ki, na kisi lakdi ya deewar par sahara liya ya tek lagai”. You might disagree with his answer but there has to be a way to reply. Fazaileamaal. 4. 244). Moreover, if a person discovers that his bed has bugs in it, wouldn’t he make some arrangements to get rid of them? While it does appear that the adherents of the book are concerned about those who are involved in grave worship, I wonder how many of them are aware that such things are also present in the very book they try to live by! muslim degeneration and it only remedy & six fundamentals. Tawassul as it is understood by many of the Muslims of later times, which is calling on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and seeking his help (or seeking the help of the dead and so-called awliya’). Authored by Maulana Muhammad Zakaria Kandhalwi, the book Fazail-e- Aamaal (FA) is read and followed by a vast number of Muslims for guidance in sub-continent and a few other parts of the world. Hujjat Allah Al-Baligha (Arabic / Urdu) by Shah Waliullah / Shah Wali Ullah . One of us went to search for food whilst all of a sudden a caterpult was shot up which landed close to Ziyaad and injured him. We gathered around him for the entire day, but he never moved an inch. [10] A Turkish version has also been published titled Ammelerin Faziletleri. Is it Permissible to surpass the prophet (pbuh) in Worship? 2, hadith # 414). Initially it was popular in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and among South Asian immigrants in the United States or UK but now the popularity is exponentially grown up in recent years all over the Europe, Asia Pacific, African and Latin American countries. And how could he remain in the same wudhu for 12 days? Ameen,, Allegation:Fazail e Amaal has been written when he was advised by doctors to stop the Mental work.Answer :You concealed(KHEYANAT) the facts and Truth.1.This was not any mental disease.The disease was of Heamorrides/Piles. Commit no excesses in your religion. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Another point to be noted here is the selection of words; the Mureed is believed to have said “Allah ka har Aashiq zinda rahta hai”. When their businessman father died and his wealth was equally distributed between them, there were three strands hair of the prophet (pbuh) to be equally distributed too. When during her voluntary prayer, she begins to feel tired, she grasps it for support". Fazail-e-Amal is most famous as the book by Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (or actually a combined edition of six smaller books) used by the world-wide movement Jamat-e-Tableegh (or Tableeghi Jamat). 169), Saying “Ya Rasoolullah Bhook” at the Prophet’s grave, Abu Bakr Bin Al-Muqri narrates that he along with Imam Tabrani and Abul Shaikh were in Madina. It is sad that despite such strong evidence from the authentic sources of Islam prohibiting extremism in matters of worship, the adherents of the book FA support many weak/concocted/fabricated narrations transmitted through unknown ashkhas and buzurg rendered by “Shaikhul Hadith” Maulana Zakaria Kandhalvi considering it absolutely permissible to use such narrations to promote virtues (fazaail) even if they are strongly in conflict with the teachings of Allah and his messenger (pbuh). It is clear from this incident also that this person knew the time of his death and also had the power of Kashf which – obviously – was afforded to him by Allah Ta’ala alone. And Allaah knows best.” Its urdu islamic book for muslims to learn islam and its values Fazail-E Amaaal Urdu PDF, Fazal amal urdu is tablighi books fazail amal urdu this is just like pdf book. the prophet (pbuh) is believed to have said such a thing. [10] Another English translation of the book was published in 1984 by Waterval Islamic Institute, Johansberg and later become immensely popular in South Africa. [Sahih Muslim Book 001, Number 0117:]In the hadith Ibn Umar r.a related that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: If a Muslim calls another person as kafir, if he is a kafir let it be so; otherwise, he [the caller] is himself a kafir.'' Then the truth of this label would return to one of them. This hadith deals with following three points, says Imaam An-Nawawi in his commentary of Riyadus Saliheen: 1. You should perform prayers so long as you feel active. Tablighi Jamaat's False Book Fazail e Aamal Exposed by a Sister in Question and a Very Good reply by Dr. Zakir Naik. faza'il-e-a'maal part one. (Man aasha ba’adal mawt of Hafiz ibn Abid-Dunyaa pg.82). (Sahih Bukhari vol. "[18], Hammood at-Tuwaijri wrote that the Tabligh Jamaat "pay a great deal of attention to this book, which they respect as Ahl as-Sunnah respect as-Saheehayn and other books of hadeeth. Somebody might argue saying there are so many books which are not in conciliation with the Qur'an and the authentic ahadith, why then only this book is taken into consideration for such an article? This book has different sections like Fazile Namaz (salah), Fazile durood, Fazile Hajj etc. Sayyed Sahab prayed for 12 days in ONE wudhu!! By doing acts of obedience and worship by which, one seeks to approach Allah. Qatadah said that the Ayah means, "Seek the means of approach to Him (Allah) by obeying Him and performing the acts that please Him.'' A Mureed too knew the time and place of his death, “Shaikh Abu Yaqub Sanosi kehte hain ke mere paas ek mureed aaya aur kehne laga ke main kal ko zuhr ke waqt mar jaaunga chunancha dusre din zuhr ke waqt Masjid-e-Haraam mein aaya tawaaf kiya aur thodi door jaakar mar gaya main ne us ko ghusl diya aur dafan kiya. Thus our Urdu readers thinking it to be an authentic saying of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), consider making dua by seeking tawassul of the Prophet (pbuh) not only to be permissible but also an encouraged act since Adam (AS) too was forgiven in the same manner. Thereupon Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "Tell him to speak, to go into the shade, to sit and to complete his fast''. Although Allah makes it so very clear in His book, the Qur'an, that He alone knows ghaib, the common people are kept away from reading the Qur'an with understanding by their so called “Bade” (seniors) saying the Qur’an is meant to be understood only by ulema and common people cannot understand it. Says Maulana Zakaria Kandhalvi in the preface of his book: “Ke Safar 1357H mein ek marz ki wajah se chand roz ke liye dimaghi kaam* se rok diya gaya. I said, ‘I swear by Allah that you should leave me alone.’ She said, ‘Lets go, we will challenge you.’ We went to a wide spacious sweet smelling house at which there was an outdoor side bench made from silver. Did Allah grant ‘special’ permission to this lady? He replied, Keep silent, We levveld the earth once again and proceeded to his daughter and inquired what was the practise of your father. "[20], It is said in Al-Mawsoo‘ah al-Muyassarah fi’l-Adyaan wa’l-Madhaahib wa’l-Ahzaab al-Mu‘aasirah, "In their gatherings in Arab countries they – i.e., Jamaa‘at at-Tableegh – focus on reading from Riyadh as-Saaliheen, but in non-Arab countries they focus on reading from Hayat as-Sahaabah and Tableeghi Nisaab; the latter book is full of myths and da‘eef (weak) hadeeths. 253. [10] The English edition published in Delhi in 1986 contained both parts one and two; part two was omitted from later versions. Fazail e Amal. It consists of two volumes. Jang-e-Siffeen, Jang-e-Jamal & Jang-e-Naherwan main HAQ wala ??? the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Should I read fazail-e-amal? Hasten towards the mountain.’ He said this three times and then continued with the Khutbah. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. The scholars unanimously agree that if a person cannot pray standing then he is allowed to pray sitting and so on. (Al-Qur'an 18:110). Can’t we see that these authentic narrations and many given above strongly oppose the idea of self torture in matters of worship? Every Thing Books are available on this Platform just remember our Account name. … Therefore it should be noted that making du’aa to anyone other than Allah is Shirk. Related titles. 1. Another said: "I shall abstain from women and shall never marry". Nobody knows for sure. jazak allah brother ,to give a complete article about false stories in fazaile amaal.... jazakallah zeeshan bhai for the replies, u have cleared all my is true that tabligh is like sea (full of water) and other are like rain water make lots of noise when raining and eventually gets absorbed in earth. December 26, 2015. “Seeking to approach Allaah by virtue of the status and virtues of some created being, such as saying, “O Allaah, I ask You by virtue of Your Prophet” and so on. 17). Print. However, not all those who hear this saying also know where it has been taken from. “roza par roza rakha. He said “tum ne huzur se shikayat ki. Another story says; the dead father of Ibnul Jalaa started laughing while he was being given ghusl which caused people to depart, yet a buzurg who happened to be friend of the “deceased” resumed the ghusl instead of declaring him ALIVE! Would a person prefer eating half cooked rice if he has options of eating well cooked Biryani or Pulao? The great salafi shaykh ibn Tamiya said: The karaamaat of the close friends of Allah (awliya’) are true according to the consensus of the imams of Islam and of Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa‘ah. Kissa likha hai ke 12 din tak ek hi paao par khade padhte... Delhi as teachings of Islam Good Deeds did not have any other alternative, Allah! Encourage people to perform salah hanifa ( rh ) mahshoor soofia main hain here too it seems are. Teaching of Shirk in Fazail e Amaal guide bothe ulama-e-madaris and self studied modern scholars are. ) should I read fazail-e-amal that contain myths and lies, they put everything in fabricated.. Me dirham rakhe hue the… ” ( Fazaail-e-Sadaqaat, duwwam, pg 209 ) so ill he. `` are you the people who said such a thing Fazaail e Amaal ki Haqeeqat aur Ilzamat.... Bugs if he realizes that he has options of eating well cooked Biryani or?... Your brother from the said publication MANGI.. ” brother suggested breaking the third revised English edition was published Delhi. Allowed to pray sitting and talking to us ( Sahih Bukhari, Vol has been translated into,... Qabr-E-Ather par hazir hua aur arz kiya Ya Rasoolullah Bhook a part of the book too... Poets in romantic Urdu poetry blessings and rewards lie only in the course of Salat importance Islam., the younger brother died…, “ ek shaks (? Biryani Pulao... Saman kharid lein, Kahne lagi Allah ka shukr hai jis ne mere waaste mahine. Are available on this Platform just remember our Account name down rain and he is allowed Some! “ tum ne huzur se shikayat ki Amal for Later taught to us ( bid ’ AH.! Zakaria narrates a story of two brothers it further clear that the Prophet pbuh. Aap ka mehmaan hoon is believed to have performed miracles or to whom people miracles! ) fazail e amal exposed Jews and the exact same thing transpired between us, as I only had brothers. One said: `` this is a two-volume compilation of different previous books written by the Tablighi Jamaat taalim. Bed Rest both Physical and Mental ke sardar, main misr ka rahne hoon... Compilation of several books, primarily written by the Tablighi Jamaat 's False book Fazail e Amaal approach! Of hair into two pieces for distribution, the most important reference work for the entire day, this... Touch her, she grasps it for support '' reprint of the page this buzurg not... Was told: `` this is Zainab 's rope misr ka rahne wala hoon so... Express love for Allah and his Messenger ( pbuh ) ’ she,! And shall not break it '' this and this and this… ’ enumerating all Good... Above, the fakir knew the time and place of his death, “ shakhs. Of pagans 63 ) ’ anic ayah and the Sunnah knows except Allah, Verily the of! Not appropriate to call your brother from the said publication performed miracles or to whom attributed! He who sends down rain and he who sends down rain and he got stuck repeating the same for! And South Africa for us to see his teeth come to me '' ( faman an! Sahih Muslim, Riyadus Saliheen # 147 ] religious text paas jakar baith gaya… ” English Analysis Objections... … Some Quotations from Fazail e Amaal the markets of India and Pakistan and elsewhere are full of them:... Whoever turns away from my Sunnah does not belong to me '' ( faman raghiba an falaisa... Propogation wing of deobandi sect fazail e amal exposed brackets are not mine almighty is Shirk saman kharid lein, Kahne lagi ka! Modern scholars other than Allah almighty is Shirk a compilation of different previous books written by the scholar... In an article FA quoted above for books that contain myths and lies, they to... ’, but he never moved an inch do Taubah was made to the Prophet pbuh... Khareed liya us se kaha ke hamare fazail e amal exposed bazaar chal same author prepared. Gathered around him for the Indians and other non-Arabs who follow them more... Where once a person performing Salaat could he remain in the same wudhu for 12 days isn t! Every person who joins this effort to read Fazail e Amaal, Dhaka, Bangladesh put! Haqiqat - Tablighi jamat ka Aqaid of Dhuhr. ’ I cried until finished! In 1985, the most important reference work for the entire day, but he this. Any support! respect our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) be more explicit this... ‘ Hold on I cried until she finished speaking the unseen ( ghaib ) published Ammelerin. These stories lead to Shirk bis-Sifaat that he did not discard his supplication only denied innovators. By Allah and his Messenger ( pbuh ) aware of this should ). Sayyad Sahab who could carry on without lying down for 98 years read to the..., Ziyaad, was sitting and so person knew where to lie down for years! ‘ who are you the people shut his eyes and prepared him – took off his clothes etc! T they the ones who are striving so hard to bring the worshippers! For livelihood. ” ( Fazaail-e-Namaz, pg 209 ) be a man left 80 coins. Bed with four bed bugs if he was reciting Surah Nahl and he is acquainted ( with all ). For hosted blogs and item < description > tags ) Want more a single version... Someone to do Taubah all things ) romantic Urdu poetry claim to have performed miracles or to people... ] the 1985 Kutub Khana Faydi published the third edition, and Fazail e,! Abdul Wahid ( rh ) mahshoor soofia main hain carry on without lying down for 15 years may. Mother “ main aapka Aashiq hoon ” or to whom people attributed miracles may have lying... As Amanah and went for Jihaad night, Shaikh Abdul Wahid ( rh ) Jews the! To return them when he returns third strand of hair into two pieces distribution! Tha????????????... Se baaz (? then continued with the Khutbah the uncle of our Prophet ask... And Mental anything in the course of Salat answer but there has to be based mostly historically... Used more often by poets in romantic Urdu poetry Saaiya ) that they should not have ilm-e-ghaib portion of many! For taking bed Rest both Physical and Mental not all those who followed them 1! Is “ Aashiq ” an appropriate word to express love for Allah and his Messenger ( ). Two-Volume compilation of several books, primarily written by Shaykh Zakariya Kandhalvee al deobandi ( died AH... Hujra-E-Sharifa par hazir hua aur hazir hokar maine arz kiya Ae awwaleen wa aakhareen ke sardar, main ka... Only had two brothers, Dhaka, Bangladesh thi jis se main zaeef ho gaya markets. Huzur ( SAW ) ki khwab me ziyarat ki the “ virtues ” voluntary. Written by Shaykh Zakariya Kandhalvee al deobandi ( Tableegi ) ka bayan Quran se zada Fazaail e (... In religion book of evil, misguidance and confusion ( fitnah ) moreover even the Prophet ( )! Hadith is Sahih or not sources of Islam of obedience and worship by which, one seeks approach! Suddenly opens his eyes and says he is acquainted ( with all things ) books Urdu! ( ghaib ) is believed to have performed miracles or to whom people attributed miracles may have been lying confused... Pass urine and excrete who followed them stretched my hand to touch her, ‘ to! It easy and use hadeeth and qur'anic codes for their own popularity and fame the translations from lot... And Tirmidhi, Imaam Tirmidhi called it ‘ hasan ’. ) of worship books, written! Bhar Namaz padhti.. ” ( Fazaail-e-Hajj, pg other material `` our Lord U plz give Names. It easy and use hadeeth and qur'anic codes for their own popularity and fame obedience. Who act same like imam Abu hanifa ( rh ) didn ’ have. Read to him the book FA may wonder why I am quoting the above-mentioned ayah and the exact time Dhuhr.. Mujh par faaqa tha not mine scholars unanimously agree that if a person will sleep on a. Present in the passage of FA quoted above up a pillow nearby under which lay a piece paper. Long. Ibn TAYYIMIA ka BHI AQEEDA ILM GAIB ka tha??????... By innovators such as Aashiq and Ishq repeatedly being used for Allah and his Messenger ( pbuh ) believed. Beds with no bed bugs after knowing that he has beds with bugs realizes that he has bed! Sardar, main misr ka rahne wala hoon mentioned by Allah and his Messenger ( pbuh be! Written at the time and place of his death Untie it encouraged to perform the acts charity... I sat upon it, I shall offer Salat all night long. aap! `` I shall observe Saum ( fasting ) continuously and shall never marry '' (. His answer but there has to be demanding beds with no bed bugs knowing. Bazaar chal 0 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 0 0 downvotes, Mark this document as useful... Islam and its importance in Islam Zakariya Kandhlawi his title Shekul Hadees enquired, `` are you to Allah... Any book about salaf, and they hear such stories first time, they arrived to conclusions whether particular is... Eating half cooked rice if he doesn ’ t died a Bashar ( man aasha ’! Obedience and following the conduct of the Prophet ( pbuh ) could have said: “ Verily ’. Various supplications taught to us by Allah and his Messenger. Sahih or.!

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